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24 Frame Play Back

From one or two monitors, all the way up to full television/news control rooms, bullpens, and mission control, we are here to support you.  Let HMS design a solution that best suits your needs.  We have equipment and resources to do it all, from period 24Frame video playback to CRT/Tube televisions up to large scale monitor walls with 4K content.  Utilizing a combination of traditional computer playback tools and methods and a wealth of broadcast industry mission critical hardware tied in with well over 20 years of experience in workflow design and integration for the post production world, we approach your playback needs from all angles.  We also have a wealth of knowledge and a large support network from other major players in the industry, and approach each project as an opportunity to use all of our tools, and when necessary, those within our extended network of resources to fulfill your needs in the most efficient, effective, and timely manner possible.  HMS is here to provide equipment and support all your playback needs.


Clients Include:


Paramount Studios, Marvel Studios, Universal Studios, ABC/Disney

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