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System Design & Integration 

Systems Design and Integration:


From Multi-Camera Live Event to Hidden Camera to Wireless ENG solutions, HMS specializes in custom designing packages tailored specifically to streamline your production through post chain to effectively and efficiently deliver every time.  We will custom design, build, and install a package from the ground up that will best fit your projects needs and also be tailored so your field production is streamlined for your post production chain to avoid any pitfalls that may hang you up for final delivery.  We focus on engineering packages that minimize clutter and points of possible failure by relying on Fiber, Ethernet, and Wireless transport solutions with clean point to point technologies that maximize the potential and minimize the cabling for your shows send and receive options between set and control/video village.


Whether it is full Control Room/Flypacks for live event and live switching, custom hybrid ENG/EFP remote Viewing Village/Remote Control Room, or 2 to 3 camera ENG/Wireless setups for docu/reality, we will tailor a package that specifically suits your needs.  Beyond building the production chain, we will interface directly with your post-production team to streamline the field production elements to most efficiently plug into your specific post workflow.  HMS also provides Avid, FCP, and Abobe Premier edit solutions, so we can be a 1 stop shop for shows looking for the full service experience.  In a world of ever changing cameras, codecs, delivery requirements, etc., HMS prides itself on guiding you through the landscape of production to final delivery to get you exactly the product you desire and a hassle free on time final delivery.





HMS is currently in the process of building out its own custom 24Ft Mobile Control Unit, or MCU for short.  The HMS MCU is designed and built to be completely customizable and scalable for applications from Live Event, On-Site Mobile Control Room Video Village, Playback/Post Trailer for Film Sets and much more.  Unlike a traditional Production Truck/OB Van, HMS utilizes Fiber, Ethernet, and Wireless point to point send and receive solutions to custom design the MCU specifically to suit the needs of your project.  You won’t be locked into a proprietary/fixed setup with the HMS MCU.  MCU utilize state of the art transport interfaces to get all the signals that make up your show between control and set/stage over as few as 1 cable at distances up to 12 miles away.  The MCU is designed with versatility and scalability as it’s primary focus.  Let us outfit the MCU to fit the specific needs of your next project!

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