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In need of rock solid high speed internet connectivity to stream for all your locations?  Let us make you look like the hero.  SetStream Live Mobile Bonding Kits/ MBKs for short, utilize advanced bonding  technology combining  up to 6 dedicated internet sources, including regular ISP cabled Ethernet connections,  Cellular, and WiFi to create an unbreakable high speed  bonded solution.  We will get  your stream out to all viewing clients with enough data to keep the feed pristine.  No matter if you are on the lot, on the street, in a neighborhood, or in a field, we’re here to keep you up and broadcasting.




Our kits come plug and play with labeled ports for Ethernet, USB, and antenna connections.  External high gain MIMO antennas are included for signal strength in the hard to access locations.  All kits are wired to run on AC power or run fully on direct DC power via gold mount or V-Mount camera batteries.  A data quota of 12GB per day is included in the kit pricing.




Our dedicated MBKs are 100% manageable by our support team remotely 24/7.  We have complete access and administration control to the local hardware in the kit remotely, so we take the stress and burden of system administration of the network and connections off your plate.  We are able to view in real time your connectivity, upload and download speeds. etc, and when needed to intervene with support anywhere you may be, all the way to recycling and upgrading firmware remotely at the local unit.  We have you covered!

1751 Montreal Cir, Unit D, Tucker, GA 30084  Tel : 404 551 3698 

Contact -    -    404 551 3698
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